In business, referrals are the most important prospecting tools in the toolbox of all great salespeople. In definition, a referral is a sale lead directed from the customer side. A successful referral will result in a sale because it instills trust in the potential clients of a salesperson.

One of the best ways to which the referrals work is by social pressure where a prospect will buy from you just because their friends bought from you too. However, how do you receive more referrals? This post will help answer that question for you in detail.

The Best Tips on How to Obtain More Business Referrals

1. Give the Clients a Reason to Talk About You with Their Colleagues


The first thing worth knowing is that you need to offer your customer a tangible reason why they should refer you to their colleagues. Appeal to the client and give them something to speak about when interacting with friends. These can be in the form of fantastic after-sales services, convenience and your ability to deliver on the required time and quantity. Always make sure to fulfill the promises you make to your customers to win them over.

2. Choose a Perfect Time When to Ask for a Referral


It is usually quite compelling to ask for a referral just after making a sales deal. However, sales experts discourage that and are for the idea of asking for referrals after the delivery of goods or services.

By convincing a customer to buy your product, you are making him take a risk, and before he proves that it’s not, he wouldn’t want to invite his friends (your potential clients) to make the same risk. Therefore, make sure to impress the customer with your reliability and not just the products to erase any doubts he might have about your company or the products.

3. Offer Your Customer a Referral First

Being a salesperson, you probably have a lot of friends in high places with whom your client or prospect may like to do business. Therefore, by offering them a referral to one of the best in another field, they will be obliged to return your favor. In the end, the customer will give you a reference without even you asking for it. Consequently, if your referral lands the client a lucrative business deal, they’ll have more money to spend on your product.

4. Appreciate the Referral Sources Each Time You Get a Prospect


Once a client refers you to their colleagues, you need to show appreciation by sending a mail or making a call to express how much you value their help. A handwritten note shows more initiative and will also do the trick.

Once the client notices that you recognize their role in your successful sales, they’ll want to do it again, which is what you are looking for. Besides, you will not only be getting more referrals but also will establish a solid relationship with your current clients.

5. Make It Easy for Your Clients

Most of your customers might be very busy people who may not have time to sit and talk to their colleagues about your sales services. Therefore, you need to take a proactive approach and design a template that will make it easier for them.

Just leave a slot where they’ll append their signature before they can send it out. With templates, it is workable since you can mail it straight to them or drop a note at their offices. After that, make sure to call and gently ask whether they sent it. If they didn’t, you don’t need to do any further pushing.

6. Embed Your Referral Links in The Emails and Thank You Notes Sent to Clients


Convincing customers to consume your products can be tough hence requires a strategic plan to distribute the products to qualified prospects. With consideration of your current clients, whenever you send a thank you mail, include a ‘Tell a Friend’ link to make it easier for them to share your services and products.

One of the ways to insert a link is by generating a code to put things in motion via a reliable tool. After creating the code, connect it to the referral text field on the email. A contrasting CTA will make your referral link even more visible to your clients.

7. Utilize the LinkedIn Network Fully


It is important that before you run after your clients asking for referrals you need first to identify your prospects. That way you won’t leave your customer wondering who to refer you to. The LinkedIn network has a robust People Search option from where you can meet appropriate second-degree connections that your client can link you to.

8. Educate Your Clients on How to Make the Best Referrals

Most of the clients who get satisfied with your services may not know how to make the best referrals, as much as they are willing to. Therefore, provide them with the necessary information to facilitate the process.

You can start by issuing business cards especially to those clients who enjoy a repeat business with your company. Spare some time and teach them how to provide an excellent referral to make them a lead-generating engine since they already have a great relationship with you. Employ the sales tips to inform your clients about the right methods with a large effect on your sales without being overbearing to them.

9. Talk About Your Expertise at Industry Events

To increase your visibility in the sales industry, you need to participate actively by speaking in conferences as well as sales summits about your products and skill in producing them. It may even lead to self-referral where prospects approach you directly to buy what you are selling.

Referrals are the cornerstone of a successful salesperson and are needed to generate steady leads for future associations. Most of the commonly used sales tips tend to wash out over time. However, there are right ones that will come through in helping you gain many referrals. Try out these tips to keep your referral train going for better sales.

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