In a modern business environment, every company must have a powerful brand presence with content to match. Websites, especially those that are optimized for mobile devices, serve as the primary portal through which business leads are converted into sales. In order to provide users with enough (convincing) information to make their decision to buy from you, you must have premium content written by a professional freelance copywriter.

In this article, we will cover all matters of content, including why and how to find the best freelance copywriter for your business’s website.

Content Matters

For those who are not already aware, content is the oxygen that allows your business to breathe. Without content, your company is dead in the water. This is because of several factors. First, we will quickly discuss Google rankings and social sharing with regard to lead generation and conversion. Then, we will explain why a freelance copywriter is the best avenue to take.

#1. Google Rankings

Google takes great pride in the quality of its search engine’s ability to weed out the good from the bad and the real from the fake. Google’s search engine has the ultimate goal of giving its users the information it wants and deserves. This means only allowing websites with high-quality content to be listed at the top where it matters.

Getting into Google’s good graces and ranking high on their search engine rankings and positions is a great source of potential customers. It is akin to having the big store right at the entrance of a mall where people are sure to see your store. Without hiring a proficient freelance copywriter, it is very difficult to rank high in Google.

#2. Social Media and Social Sharing

Have you ever been on Twitter and had a friend link to a great article about something? Well duh, of course, you have! That link was the product of a copywriter who wrote a compelling enough piece of content that it motivated your friend to share it with all of her followers.

This is one of the goals of hiring a top-tier copywriter. Aside from ranking high in Google’s search engine rankings and positioning, social shares are the next best way of generating leads.

#3. Lead Generation and Conversion

It’s something taught in every ‘Business 101’ in University classes: to garner sales, you must first generate leads, and then convert those leads into sales. In 2017, lead generation is primarily accomplished through Google and social media channels. Both of these lead generation sources require your website and social outlets to consistently publish premium content.

Content needs to not only attract prospective customers by providing them entertainment or utility but must also be convincing enough to cause them to order from you. Your content is a way to establish both authority and credibility, both of which are required if you plan to convert leads into sales.

For example, if you run a landscaping business, you might have your freelance copywriter create content surrounding lawn care. One post could be titled ‘5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Green’.

The Case for Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

hiring a freelance copywriter

There is little reason to put an in-house copywriter on your payroll. That is an immense expense that is constant, not only for a salary but for benefits as well.

Instead, consider hiring a freelance copywriter. You only need their services when you need content. You can decide that one week you need five articles, but the next week you only need two articles, and only have to pay accordingly.

One of the biggest benefits of generating leads online is the low cost compared to brick and mortar stores that rely on television, billboards, and newspapers to bring in new customers. Do not sour your chances of success and increase the burn rate of your cash reserves by hiring unnecessary in-house staff when a freelance copywriter will do.

How to Find the Best Freelance Copywriter for Your Business’ Website

Freelance copywriters can be found through a variety of sources. This includes content brokers like Textbroker and Upwork, forums across the net, and even through social media sites like Twitter. Finding a freelance copywriter is usually not difficult. The difficult part is finding a freelance copywriter worth hiring.

First, you must create some criteria and a set of guidelines. This might include, but may not be limited to, the following: your budget, language requirements, the writer’s experience in your niche, and expected turnaround time & availability.

#1. Budget

Not all budgets are created equal. Do you plan to spend $500 per article to a renowned published author or $5 to a non-native speaker? This should be the first factor you consider.

#2. Writer’s Experience

This usually goes alongside budget. A higher budget usually means better content, but you must make sure that the writer is experienced in your particular niche. An expensive writer with experience primarily in gardening won’t do much good for your computer programming website.

#3. Language

Do you need a writer who speaks a foreign language, or a certain dialect of English? For example, there is a big difference in language and spelling of U.S. English vs. U.K. English vs. Australian English.

#4. Expected TAT & Availability

Even if all of the above requirements are met, you must make sure that your freelance copywriter is available for the number of articles you need per month, in addition to being able to turn in assignments by the necessary deadline.

Final Thoughts

There is more to finding a qualified freelance copywriter than meets the eye. You should now understand why you need premium content, why you should use a freelance copywriter, and how to find one. It may take 1, 5, or even ten trial runs with different copywriters to find a fit for your business, but with this guide at your fingertips, you have all of the details you need to make an informed decision.

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