One of the best decisions that any small business can make is accepting credit cards. When a company only accepts cash, the potential to lose out on a number of sales quickly escalates. The hardest part about making the decision to accept credit cards is choosing from the hundreds of card processing companies available for hire.

Rather than feeling like you are getting in over your head, today we’ll discuss the top 9 credit card processing solutions to take with you in 2018. Each of these choices has great potential to help grow your company.

1. Authorize.Net makes the list of the best credit card processing solutions in part to their decades of experience in this industry. This payment gateway provider allows business owners to accept major credit cards. They put at their clients’ disposal their own platform or allow them to integrate any existing merchant account. comes packed with some useful features, like recurring billing, advanced fraud detection, and eCheck processing. Customer service can assist with setting up the system. There is always available a customer care agent when questions or concerns about payments arise.

2. e-Commerce Exchange

When you are looking for credit card processing solutions that cover a wide array of different aspects of your company, you can’t go wrong with e-Commerce Exchange. One of the more appealing features of the company is being able to integrate your card processor with QuickBooks. Accepting credit cards and monitoring transactions just got that must easier with e-Commerce Exchange.

Other features include the ability to accept checks, online payments, international payments, and even EBT. Some of the merchant perks include access to payroll systems, marketing tools, website hosting, and cash advances.

3. Flagship Merchant Services

One of the leaders in the credit card processing solutions industry is Flagship Merchant Services. They are ideal when your small business is dealing with high-volume payments. Your merchant account can process credit card payments both online and offline. The higher the volume, the lower the rates for services.

This can really allow the small business to scale up production without being crushed under fees that increase over time. Small business owners can now accept credit cards by way of mobile devices or turn a laptop or iPad into a complete POS system.

4. Leap Payments

Not just your average card processor, Leap Payments takes things to the extreme. Now the small business owner has access to terminals, card readers, a full-featured POS system, and mobile credit card processing.

The variety of small businesses that count on Leap Payments to be the backbone of their organization is enormous. It ranges from taxi companies, restaurants, clothing retailers, dentist offices, home service providers, and small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

5. Payline

For the busy small business owner who doesn’t have the time to learn all the specifics about how to operate a card processing payment interface, Payline to the rescue. This card processing company is both cost-effective and easy to operate. One of the reasons Payline is at the top of credit card processing solutions is their ability to adapt as the business grows.

Paylne customers can choose from a number of different plans, upgrading seamlessly as the needs of the company grow. Plans include complete customization ability, mobile payment capability, and access to subscription services.

6. PayPal

woman doing online shopping at laptop with credit card

One of the leaders in the credit card processing solutions for decades, PayPal is a name you know and trust. For a small business just getting started, their low-volume processing fees will allow the business to grow without being saddled with huge processing fees each month.

PayPal technical support can easily integrate your shopping cart with their system. This way, your customers can start paying with credit cards within the hour. Reward programs, financing for customers, and mobile capabilities are just some of the unique features for the small business owner to utilize.

7. Square

Looking for the simplest credit card processing solutions? Square makes it easy for any size company to be accepting credit card payments. If your company is mobile or uses tablets or smartphones to conduct business, Square can integrate with those devices. This way, the business is accepting payments flawlessly. With the absence of complicated set-up process or credit checks, small business owners can start accepting payments today.

Basic card readers allow transactions to be completed on the go. This is a perfect option for towing companies, taxi drivers or mobile veterinarians. Some of the unique perks of using Square are access to business loans and the ability to have a free online store.

8. Stripe

Considered a top pick by many small business owners, Stripe is a top card processor. That’s because they make it simple to get started accepting credit cards.

One of the unique features of Stripe is that the business owner does not need to have a merchant account in order to start processing card payments. The platform is available for customization. Clients can simply use the copy and paste features for your buy button or shopping cart. The reason many small business owners rave about Stripe is their transparent pricing structure and the ability to customize the platform.

9. WorldPay

When your small business is looking for more advanced credit card processing solutions, WorldPay can help. Formerly known as SecureNet, WorldPay offers the small business owner a number of services and products that make accepting cards easier for the unique needs of the organization. Developer resources make it simple to integrate with apps your business may already be making use of.

The unique features offered by WorldPay include the ability of the small business owner to offer loyalty programs or gift cards to their customers. Clients also enjoy the opportunity to have working capital to expand operations.

In Conclusion

Choose from these credit card processing solutions, and you will head in the right direction. Narrow down your search by making certain the company is in line with the unique parameters of how you run your business.

Share your experiences with your credit card processing solutions so we can offer that information to our readers. Your story, good and bad, will allow our readers to find the perfect fit for their business.

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