Smart businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity while cutting unnecessary expenditures. Cloud-based time and attendance software help to keep better track of when workers are on the job. At the same time, biometric features ensure that buddy punching cannot take place.

The following list of 8 cloud-based time and attendance software for 2018 will keep better track of employee times.

1. AsureForce

AsureForce is one of the top cloud-based time and attendance software. It allows each employee to clock into work via a mobile device or web browser. By utilizing the GeoPunch feature, employees now have the ability to manage attendance and time from remote locations. One unique feature of the software is that it allows the company to schedule employee times and also host reports.

The employer can use the AsureForce software with a facial recognition time clock. This makes use of their photo each time they clock in so there is zero chance of buddy punching.

2. Clockspot

One of the top-rated cloud-based time and attendance software companies is ClockSpot. Employees have the option to punch into work via a toll-free number on a mobile device or an online time clock. The system keeps track of the IP address so it can tell exactly where the employee is calling in from.

The employer can log into the software and review employee time sheets or make adjustments if needed. Added features include running payroll reports, managing overtime, taking care of reimbursements, and tracking deductions.

3. EPAY Systems

EPAY offers a cloud-based time and attendance software that works best for those employers with hard to track employees. Time collection devices range from mobile phones, web apps, mobile apps to biometric time clocks. They can easily be mixed and matched to the changing needs of the organization.

One advantage to the EPAY system is that it can generate automated time sheets. These reports integrate perfectly with ERP and other payroll systems.

4. iSolved Time

The iSolved Time cloud-based software provides the company with flexibility in how they collect employee attendance data. Employers can use web browsers, physical time clocks or mobile apps to effortlessly determine what time the employees are punching in and out of work. Biometric features eliminate the chances of a buddy punching in for another employee.

The reason this is one of the more popular attendance software is that it allows the employer to edit, review, and approve employee times instantly. The information that the iSolved Time software collects can quickly be exported to all major employee payroll software packages. This process ensures that your staff is paid accurately for the time they are on the job.

5. PayClock Online

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PayClock is helping to make attendance records on the job more accurate. They eliminate the possibility of a buddy being able to clock another employee in or out at a different time. The employee time software allows the organization to capture attendance data in real-time via a mobile application. Once the data is collected, it can easily be integrated with a number of payroll systems from ADP, Paychex to QuickBooks.

The unique features of this cloud-based time and attendance software includes the ability of the employer to calculate worked time. They can also adjust for shift differentials or overtime. The software will allow one database to be accessed by unlimited users. It also comes with multi-location support.

6. TimeAttend

The TimeAttend cloud-based time and attendance software comes with intuitive and configurable time sheets. The employer can track regular time or overtime for any number of employees simultaneously. Unique features of the TimeAttend software include the ability to automate time-off processes, accrual calculations, as well as time away from work request capabilities.

In order to help with streamlining the payroll process, TimeAttend software will enable the project manager to be able to store employee pay rates, schedules, and requested overtime. Other unique features to the software include alerts for time off. Managers can set up automatic emails to ensure that employee vacations or sick days receive approvals in a timely manner.

7. TimeForce

TimeForce is changing the way that employers are able to track the attendance of their employees. This is a cloud-based software designed for organizations with over 50 employees. It allows the management complete flexibility with the way the software collects and stores data. Management can set up the software so that the employee must use a mobile app, kiosk or actual biometric time clock to punch in.

Where the Timeforce software excels is in the back-end. Employers can edit, review, and approve the time of any employee within the company. The data collected by the software is seamlessly transferred to any number of different payroll packages or a third-party processing bureau.

8. VeriClock

The VeriClock cloud-based time and attendance software allows your employees the chance to clock in and out of work using a mobile device, telephone, web or app. Management can easily analyze, edit, and approve employee hours.

One of the unique features of the software is that employers can set up the system to send email notifications for all employee activity. The software can even be programmed so it can detect common employee errors. Such mistakes can be forgetting to clock in at the start of the day or when they leave after their shift without punching in.

The software also has a TimeGuard feature that will be able to easily detect if an employee was clocking into the system when they weren’t on the schedule. This way, the software can clock them out automatically.

In Conclusion

This list of cloud-based time and attendance software will give the business owner the opportunity to reduce incidents of buddy punching. They will also keep close track of actual time on the job accurately.

If your company is using a cloud-based software to monitor time and attendance of employees that we didn’t mention, share your experience here. This way, our audience can consider it when making their decision.

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