Hiring the right employees can be a challenge, especially for a small business. The resources that the company will use to train these new employees can often come at a huge cost to the bottom line of the organization. Screening these potential employees will ensure that time and money invested are well spent instead of a drain on the company.

The best employment background check companies are dependable, accurate, and reliable. Their job is to maximize your investment to uncover the best potential hires. With numerous agencies to choose, it can be difficult to sort out the shady agencies from the best solutions. Therefore, let’s take a look at the top 10 best employment background check companies in 2018 that you should be using to grow your workforce.

1. HireRight

The reason that HireRight makes the list of the best employment background check companies is because their pre-employment screening software scans more than 240 countries. Regardless if you are hiring in those territories or counties, and even if your applicant speaks one of 20 languages, HireRight can find the appropriate information.

When your company is involved with e-recruiting, HireRight has a variety of platforms that make that integration seamless.

2. Background Report

For those who are interested in starting and then finishing the entire process of completing the background check online, Background Report is a solid company. The platform is ideal as a DIY option and simple for anyone to use.

The Background Report service has been engineered to be all-inclusive. This means that the job applicant has the ability to see the results and provide feedback on any information. Clients can also dispute information they feel it does not accurately represent their employment history.

3. Verified Credentials

The reason Verified Credentials makes the list of the best employment background check companies is because they offer services for both commercial and personal use. People who want to check their history before applying for a job can use the personal background check. This way, they can make certain their employment history is in the best possible shape.

The business side of the application allows any organization to be able to quickly and accurately get a feel for the candidate they are considering hiring.

4. Good Hire

Based out of Redwood, California, Good Hire makes it simple for the small business or global corporation to quickly screen potential applicants. The simple to use online portal gives the business decision makers an opportunity to screen any applicant in minutes.

Good Hire makes the list of best employment background check companies because it has been recognized for both excellent customer service support and the easy-to-use employee screening interface.

5. Accurate Background

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Screening potential employees is crucial to the growth of an organization. When you keep having to hire new applicants because you discover things about applicants too late, it can stunt the growth of any business. Accurate Background makes it easy to spot potential problems with applicants long before they become a part of the workforce.

The reasons that Accurate Background has become one of the top background check companies is because they offer quality screening services. They monitor electronic I-9 verification, drug testing results, and even international employment.

6. InfoMart

The reason that InfoMart makes the list of best employment background check companies is the ability to customize the interface to your specific needs. Perhaps you run your business differently than someone in the same industry. Therefore, you want to identify things about a hire that others might not consider relevant.

With InfoMart, clients have the ability to customize the employment screening interface. In this way, their search becomes industry specific. These customization services include the ability to do credit history check and prior employment verification.

7. Easy Backgrounds

Based out of New Hampshire, Easy Backgrounds has been helping employees to screen applicants since 1995. In those two decades of service, small businesses and global corporations have had success with the interface to make the right hires for their team. Employers now have the ability to carefully screen the activities of their potential hires in a number of different fields.

Easy Backgrounds offers users a wide array of investigative services. This company will help identify issues long before resources are set aside to train the potential employees.

8. Justifacts

Justifacts takes employment screening very seriously. Their professionalism reflects heavily on the fact they have a large base of clients that range from enterprising global organizations to small home businesses. The company takes customer service to a whole new level.

What sets Justifacts apart from other employment screening tools is the company will assign your company their own account manager. The professional will assist in personalizing the screening process and helping to decipher those report results.

9. Accurate Now

Small to medium-size businesses appreciate the unique pricing structure of Accurate Now employment screening. Depending on the needs of your organization, you only pay for what you need. As your company grows and your employee base expands, so will your user interface advance at Accurate Now.

Accurate Now also offers US-based customer support. This helps clients with setting up accounts, customizing the parameters, and analyzing reports.

10. Employment Screening Resources

Founded in 1997, Employment Screening Resources has in-depth experience working behind the scenes. Based out of San Francisco, the company solidified their claims as the best employment background check companies when hiring attorney Lester Rosen to their organization.

Employment Screening Resources offers small businesses and large global corporations the ability to easily screen potential applicants. They offer a generous number of key parameters for a minute screening.

In Conclusion

Whichever of the 10 best employment background check companies you decide to use, now you will have enough information to make more informed hiring decisions as the employer. If you run a business and have had an excellent experience with employment background check companies not on our list, please share your experience. This way, we can pass on that information to our readers.

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