In every company, there are always employees who stand out as leaders. A leader is a person who can inspire others around them to take action, with direction, in order to reach the desired destination. Thankfully, leadership skills are obtainable by anyone who is willing to take the time and receive the training to improve themselves. Still, if you want to be an innovator, you should implement transformational leadership.

In the case of running a business, we often find that businesses need a sort of “transformational leadership” in order to reach desired goals. In this article, we are going to talk about what transformational leadership is and how to implement it corporately.

What Is Transformational Leadership?

The idea of transformational leadership was first introduced by the brilliant writer and businessman James Burns in his classic 1978 book, “Leadership.” Burns defined transformational leadership as a type of synergy where a leader inspired his or her employees to reach a goal so that it became their own, whereafter those same employees would encourage the leader to push harder to reach the target himself.

By providing employees with purpose, direction, and achievable goals, a transformational leader is able to raise the bar on an entire company’s work output, integrity, and even employee morale.

How to Implement Transformational Leadership

transformational leadership

There are basically two ways to put transformational leadership to work in your place of business. The first way is to become an inspiring leader yourself. To do so, you will need to find out what is really important to you. What is your vision for the future? How does that vision relate to work? Most importantly, is your idea inspiring?

The second way is to hire people who are already transformational leaders themselves. These individuals will have big ideas about what could be possible in your business, and you can help them realize these ideas in reality.

Why Transformational Leadership Is So Important

For so many of us, getting up and going to a job every day is just that: work. It pays the bills. But what if you didn’t have to work because you had enough money and you could work anywhere you wanted? Wouldn’t you choose to work somewhere that you could really help other people?

For most people, the answer is probably “yes.” In reality, what you are doing right now in your job is already meant to help someone else. By embracing the idea of transformational leadership, you can help others (and yourself) see the value in what they are doing. This will produce all kinds of good benefits in your workplace!

4 Ways in Which Transformational Leadership Can Help Your Business

transformational leadership

1. It Makes Work Worth Doing

Yes, this particular point is completely intangible and abstract, but it’s also the most important of all of them listed here. Transformational leadership will allow you, and your employees, to step back and see the value in what they are doing. Internally, that will produce joy in your heart and the hearts of your employees. You may not be able to put a price tag on that, but it is critical to your company’s success.

2. It Can Improve Employee Productivity

When people feel inspired about achieving a goal for a purpose, they are much more likely to enjoy the process of working towards that goal. As a result, when a transformational leader sets high standards with attainable goals along the way, he or she may find that the output of the employees at work improves as those employees become motivated.

3. It Makes It Easier to Hire

If I asked you one place that no one wants to work right now, there is a very good chance that the answer could be “the company I am currently working at.” Why? Well, unfortunately, most companies don’t make the small effort of implementing an employee-centric management. Instead, they rely on the old traditional ruling style that makes a lot of workers uncomfortable.

That is exactly the kind of thing that turns away good new hires. However, when young people see that your workplace is an inspiring force of people who are working to achieve common goals, that gets individuals who are looking for work excited about working for your business. And in a full employment economy (like we are in now), it is important to be able to hire great employees quickly and easily.

4. It Can Turn Your Company Around

Your company may not have committed a lot of mistakes, but it’s quite possible that things aren’t going as well as you would hope. The balance sheet seems unbalanced, the income statement shows more losses than earnings, and things just aren’t going well.

You will find that transformational leadership and setting a newfound vision will help you get your company to where you want to go more quickly. When you see the target, aim at the target, and fire at the target, it is very likely that you will hit the target. That is what the “vision” aspect of transformational leadership is! It is setting a newfound trajectory and goal for yourself and your employees, and it works!

Wrapping It All Together

So, you’re thinking about becoming the kind of transformational leaders that your company, family, or religious organization needs you to be, but you don’t really know where to start. The best place to start is at the beginning. Why are you doing what you are doing? What makes you happy? Why do you go to work each day?

Think about those things while you go for a walk, play golf, or do something else that you enjoy. What we are really getting at here is this: purpose. Once you have found what your purpose is for doing what you do, make that purpose into a story that others can relate to. Write the story down, practice delivering it like you think it should be told, and prepare to share your purpose with your employees.

Who knows: when you share your purpose with your employees from the heart, you may find that you have helped those people to find their purpose in the process.

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