While there are many skills that entrepreneurs seek to acquire, most pay no attention to the skill of writing. You may think that you don’t need to write as an entrepreneur or you can hire somebody else for writing work when necessary. However, you still have to understand the mechanics of writing. Moreover, you need to identify what good writing is in a specific context. For example, you’ll need to know what a well-written email is if your business is using email marketing or if you publish an email newsletter. You need to know how to write sales pages or understand sales pages if you plan on hiring someone to create one for you. Here is a list of business writing course options for a wide range of writing skills you need online.

Top 5 Business Writing Course Options You Can Find Online

1. AWAI’s Six-Figure Copywriting Course

Most people eventually learn that there are an art and science (mostly science) to writing an effective sales piece. AWAI’s (American Writers & Artists Inc.) has a business writing course called Six Figure Copywriting. They designed it to help business owners and aspiring copywriters learn how to write sales copy from the ground up. The course assumes that you have no prior experience of copywriting. Moreover, it walks you through the whole process of this field. This way, you can start writing sales letters and sales pages that convert more people into customers.

Business owners can use the teachings in this course to improve existing sales letters and sales pages. This information is vital if you’re operating on a small budget and do not have the money to invest in professional copywriters. It’s also important for business owners who want to hire copywriters and need to learn what makes for great copy. This knowledge will help them distinguish between copywriters and evaluate their work.

2. Copyhackers Email Writing Course by Joanna Wiebe

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Joanna Wiebe has been teaching digital marketers how to write better emails with the focus on writing promotional newsletters for better results. This is an email business writing course in a multimedia format. Furthermore, it walks you through every process from planning, writing to optimizing your email campaigns. If you’re doing email marketing at all, then you need to know how to craft your emails for the best results. Writing for email is completely different from writing for websites, so email copywriting is an essential skill.

One of the most valuable parts of her course is that it teaches business owners how to create sales emails, particularly sales emails that follow a progression. This includes product launches, lead follow-ups, and other campaigns. All these have the main focus on establishing trust, credibility and strong relationships over a long-term period. It also comes with resources that include templates, worksheets, and checklists to help guide you in the right direction.

3. Damn Fine Words by James Chartrand

Damn Fine Words is advertised as a copywriting course, but it’s actually an all-around course for digital writing. James Chartrand’s course teaches students how to write effective blog posts, business content, professional emails and web copy. This is a great course for business owners who know they need to blog and produce content for their business but don’t know which direction to take and how to write in a manner that engages their audience.

Damn Fine Words is a great course because it’s an all-around course. It covers most of the important aspects of writing for digital marketers. Many new business owners lack core writing skills to communicate effectively with their audience, employees, and other business owners. They walk around their lack of writing skills by copying what others do. Therefore, this course is a good solution if you need direction and want to build the fundamental skills.

4. SEJ’s Content Creation Resources

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Many digital marketers are starting to figure out that one of the best ways to build their business and brand is to create high-quality content. Creating content is a great way to build social media followers, increase email subscribers and boost the results of a search engine optimization campaign. However, it’s not just creating content that’s important; it’s creating high quality and engaging content that generates results. The problem is that many business owners don’t know how to create outstanding content.

Fortunately, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) has created a resource for business owners who want to understand how to create content, conduct research, and market content. They have created a list of free and cheap courses that can be taken by anybody. These courses cover a broad spectrum on the topic of content. Therefore, business owners will learn more than just writing. They’ll also learn about writing for websites, developing a content strategy, managing a WordPress site, content marketing, and more.

5. Unbounce’s Landing Page Conversion Course

AWAI has a great course for copywriting in general, but it does go too in-depth about landing pages. Landing pages are basically web pages that your visitors land on. Because landing pages are typically specific to digital marketing and advertising campaigns, it is a unique form of copywriting in of itself. The goal of creating a landing page is to get some kind of conversion whether it’s a lead, sale or another type of action.

Unbounce has developed a wonderful free course on how to create a landing page and create sales copy for these types of web pages. It’s an 11-step course that covers everything from the core elements of a landing page, call to actions, the page design, lead capture forms, to post-conversion marketing strategies. It covers every aspect of what you need to create an effective landing page. Moreover, it provides real-life examples to learn from.

This free business writing course is important if you plan on advertising or marketing online. Sooner or later, you’ll have to create a landing page to direct your traffic to a page that is relevant and in the right context. You’ll need to go beyond your basic copywriting skills. You will also need to really focus on the visual aspects of the landing page if you want maximum results.

Bottom Line

These five online business writing resources will get you started in the right direction. As you go through these courses, you’ll start to develop and hone your business writing skills. Many of these resources are free. Still, you’ll find that some of the business writing courses on the list are fairly expensive. If you can’t afford a business writing course on the list, you can still find less elaborate but still very helpful information online if you look hard enough.

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