For any business to grow into a successful organization, finding new clients and building existing relationships is very important. One of the types of sales departments that all successful businesses will need to have is an inside sales group.

In the article below, you will find more about what inside sales is and how it differs from outside sales. You will also learn about how an inside sales department could benefit a business.

What Is the Inside Sales Department?

Inside sales are a type of sales in which the sales professionals work from inside a corporate office space. This differs from outside sales in which a salesperson will visit customers at offsite locations.

An inside salesperson will typically communicate with customers over the phone, over email, or over video messaging services. They will often have similar goals as an outside salesperson. These include finding new customers, selling products or services, or enhancing existing business.

How to Implement an Inside Sales Department

Businesses of all sizes can start an inside sales department easily. Small companies will typically only need one or two inside salespersons, but larger companies often have hundreds of dedicated professionals.

To develop a team, you will first need to hire a few salespeople. It would be a good idea to hire professionals who have sales experience and are knowledgeable about products or services similar to your own. Once you have hired them, you will need to train the salespeople on various tactics, educate them about products and services, and ensure they are aware of any sales compliance issues.

Why Is Inside Sales of Use?

An inside sales team can provide a number of different benefits or services to your organization. The primary use of an inside sales team is to help find new customers, provide service to existing clients, and find additional ways to build revenue streams for your organization.

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Ways in Which a Good Inside Sales Team Can Help Your Business

New Customers

One way inside sales can help your business is by helping you to find new customers in an efficient manner. This form of sales is completed on the phone or through email as opposed to outside the office. Because of this, a salesperson could make contact with far more potential customers in a day than an outside salesperson. Once an initial contact and relationship is built over the phone or email, the company could either sell directly through the inside salesperson or arrange an outside meeting to further cultivate the relationship.

Enhancing Corporate Relationships

Another benefit of inside sales is that the company can use it to further enhance an existing relationship. Once a business relationship is established, many businesses will find ways to further enhance the product line or service with each individual customer. An inside salesperson will have a dedicated list of clients that they are scheduled to reach out to on a regular basis. By keeping up this contact on a regular basis, you will be able to keep the customer informed about new products. Thus, you can potentially create additional sales to boost customer revenue.

More Feedback

A third way that inside sales could help your business is by receiving instant feedback. When you are reaching out to new customers, or connecting with existing customers, you will have the ability to get feedback from the customers instantly. Customers tend to be more open and honest over the phone or email than in person. This will give you more direct feedback to work off of. Furthermore, since these sales calls require less lead time, you can actually get the feedback sooner. This will allow you to alter your sales strategy.

Customer Service

Customer service is another important way that inside sales could help your business. Whenever a dedicated inside salesperson makes a call to the customer, a customer will have the ability to discuss issues that they are having with the product or service. This will then give your business the chance to fix the issue before the customer gets too frustrated. This process can then help you to retain more clients in the future. This will lead to higher revenue and profits over time. This team can also help to reduce the amount of additional customer service professionals that need to be hired and dedicated to only a customer support function.

Bringing Up New Ideas

The fifth benefit that a strong inside sales team can provide to a business is the development of new ideas or product lines. An inside salesperson will likely speak with dozens of clients and prospects on a regular basis. During these communications, they will hear a significant amount about the product that your business sells and how it compares to competing products. They will also hear about how your product could be enhanced to be more valuable to a client. Based on this information and feedback, you will be able to respond to market demands to improve your product and increase your customer base in the future.


In conclusion, inside sales is a type of sales in which the sales professionals work from inside an office, as opposed to visiting customers at an offsite location. Inside salespeople will typically communicate with customers over the phone, email, or video messaging. An inside sales team is crucial for any business looking to expand, grow, or retain existing clients.

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