YouTube channels are increasingly popular, especially among younger people. If you want to create a successful media brand, you’ve got to have a good YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the platform is riddled with abandoned channels created by those who had great ideas and no clue what to do next. If you want to learn how to grow your YouTube channel, you’ll want to pay attention to the tips below. They’ll not only help you get a better subscriber count, but they will also teach you how to use the platform to its fullest potential.

1. Look at the Competition

If you’ve got a great YouTube channel, it’s probably because you have a unique voice or a great idea. While being unique is good, you don’t want to go too far in breaking the mold.

Take some time to see what others are doing and how it makes them popular. In some cases, this might mean changing up your content, but it more often means changing your presentation. Your content should be timeless, but don’t be afraid to make small adjustments. The devil is in the details, and these changes will persuade users to be more receptive to your channel. Don’t copy others, but don’t be afraid to take a few tips from those who are already successful either.

2. Create More Content

Now that you know the points to focus on during your creative process, you need to get your content creation process kicked into overdrive. As a rule, you’ll want at least a little bit of a buffer before you really start the process.

Take some time to figure out how long it takes you to make an average video. Afterward, make sure you have at least that much content in reserve at any given time. One of the hardest parts of learning how to grow your YouTube channel is figuring out how to keep churning out content. This is perhaps the most vital lesson you’ll learn.

3. Get the Word Out

Social media will be your best friend and worst enemy when trying to decide how to grow your YouTube channel. At a bare minimum, you’ll need a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. All the content you post should be promoted on those pages. Moreover, you should do your best to interact with any of your fans whenever you can.

Make sure to present an affable, easy-to-trust face online and always make sure you treat people with respect. The better your social media game, the more your channel will grow.

At the same time, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of misusing social media. Always stay professional, even if you are friendly or distressed. Don’t post anything that might be used against you in the future. While this might take some of the fun out of using social media, it also takes some of the danger away. You can’t afford to make a mistake that might later cause your channel to be pulled or your subscribers to turn away.

4. Start Talking to Others

Your best allies in the quest to figure out how to grow your YouTube channel will be other YouTubers. The great news is that YouTube isn’t on a schedule. Therefore, it’s hard for one broadcaster to cannibalize another’s audience. It’s easy, though, for people to make recommendations.

Start talking to other people in your industry and with similar (but not identical) types of content. See if you can work to promote one another. Try to get an appearance on someone else’s video or have them talk about you on social media. If you can get the recommendations, you can get the viewers.

5. Maintain a Schedule

busy schedule on a calendar month of 31 days with pushpins for almost each day

One of the easiest ways to kill a YouTube channel is to post your new content on random days. It doesn’t matter if you update once a day or once a week – make sure you always do it at roughly the same time on the same day.

The more you establish the schedule, the more people will come looking to you for content. It can be tough to churn out new material continually. However, do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t skip a release date. If you are willing to stay on target, figuring out how to grow your YouTube channel will be much easier.

6. Pay Attention to Numbers

Numbers are everything when you are figuring out how to grow your YouTube channel. Don’t worry about how many people like your videos – instead, worry about how many people are actually watching. Traffic is everything, so do your best to track views.

Keep up with how many people watch each individual video and do your best to figure out how often each is shared. If you start getting good numbers of people coming to your videos organically, you’ll know that you are doing something right. The bigger the numbers, the better you’re doing.

7. Adjust on the Fly

All the work you’ve done so far is good. Nonetheless, be aware that you might have to throw it away at a moment’s notice. YouTube works far more quickly than most platforms. Therefore, you might get thrown for a loop due to actions outside of your control.

Make sure you keep monitoring the news and YouTube itself to figure out if you need to make a massive change to your strategy. One of the best lessons you’ll get when learning how to grow your YouTube channel is that you can never rest. If you close your eyes for a moment, you’ll find yourself losing subscribers quickly.

In Conclusion

The tips above will help you ramp up your numbers while you are learning how to grow your YouTube channel. More importantly, though, the last five steps will help you to keep those visitors after you reach your goal numbers.

YouTube is a fickle platform, so you can never really feel comfortable. As such, you’ll want to constantly strive to overshoot your goals so you can have a little wiggle room. In time, you can make your channel a success – just be aware that it will have to become a major part of your brand if you really want it to work for you.

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