One of the fastest ways to reach a large online audience is to connect with social media influencers. These are the modern day gatekeepers that hold the keys to success on the internet. You can find them if you follow the right steps.

This article will walk you through all of the tactics you should be using to find more influencers. Once you understand how the game is played, you can gain access to a new tier of social media opportunities.

Identify Your Target Networks

People congregate within separate “walled gardens” on the internet. Each social media platform makes it easy to communicate within the platform, but hard to get messages out. Facebook doesn’t want you to send people to Twitter or YouTube and vice versa.

As a result of the separate platforms restricting access to each other, each one has its own network and its own set of rules to play by. You are going to invest time and energy into some of these platforms. That means you should look at each one and do research to find out where people like you or who would love your company tend to go. If you want to know how to find social media influencers, start by figuring out where you won’t find them.

Build a Base on Each Platform

After you identify your target social media networks, you should make an account on each one. The first thing to do is to follow accounts of people you know and/or brands you enjoy. When you engage with content on a social media platform, you start to learn the culture of that site. Regarding how to find social media influencers, the most important step is to learn the features of each platform.

Don’t just follow people. You need to experiment with content creation too. Find a style of content that works for you and that you can post at least once per day. If you comment on other pages’ posts and make your own original content, you will earn some followers. This can attract influencers to reach out to you.

Search for Influencers on the Platform

Each platform has its own organizational tools, such as hashtags, to divide up content. You should look up the most popular hashtags that are relevant to what you do on your platforms. Hashtags are very helpful with how to find social media influencers on Instagram in particular.

Whoever has the most popular post on hot hashtags can be considered a big influencer. They are the ones garnering the majority of attention in that target market. Make a list of all the people you discover while searching with this method. They can be hard to find again if you don’t write their names down.

Read the Comments

Comments get a bad reputation on social media websites. Many people consider them to be a source of misinformation and chaos. This is somewhat true in a few places such as YouTube. But for many platforms, comments are a good place to find new influencers.

Go into the comments of some popular posts and see who is getting a lot of likes in the comments. Click on their profile names to see how many followers they have and how active they are. This is how to find social media influencers that other people are missing.

Search and Study Popular Blogs

Popular blogs in your niche are a gold mine for finding influencers. You should click through every article and search for all the people in the articles on social media. There are a lot of valuable influencers who might fall through the cracks if you don’t check these.

Anybody who is getting covered by a major blog probably has some merit. This is how to find social media influencers who are making an impact in the media. If you want to get onto popular blogs yourself one day, this is essential. The connections you develop now will help you get that kind of coverage in the future.

Go to Networking Events

office group networking

Meeting people at a real life meetup is like hitting the fast forward button on your influencer search. Networking events are filled with people who you might want to meet, all in one place at the same time. This is a great example of how to find social media influencers.

Sometimes the harder part is finding the good networking events in the first place. Start by looking at your university. If you can get to an alumni meetup in a major city, those are often good places to reconnect with old classmates and colleagues.

Look up national organizations that activate in the same domain as you and see if any of them put on events. You might be surprised at how many opportunities you have to leave your house and meet new people in your field.

Ask Your Network

The simplest way to find new influencers is to ask your current network for help. There’s usually at least one or two recommendations that somebody else can give you. You might never find the same influencers by yourself that you’ll find with the help of a friend.

The world is a huge place filled with a ton of people. If you feel like you have discovered every influential person in your niche, you are probably wrong. You are limiting your search in some way. Talking to other like minded people is a sure way to bring up some new and unexpected information.

Finding Social Media Influencers

Many people have worked their way up from nothing in the world of social media. It is one of the most meritocratic forms of media with everybody having access to the basic media channels. You can use that access to build a great list of influencers.


You can check blogs and hashtags while asking your friends for help. If your platform is active and you have some followers, it will be easy to build from there. Try these tactics, and you will enjoy an improved influencer marketing experience.

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