Marketing emails are an opportunity to promote sales and information about your business, but they are also a platform for developing a relationship with your customers or clients in a meaningful way that gives them value for opening the email that has been distributed to them. Email subject lines for sales can contain any number of elements that encourage the recipient to open and read the email.

Here are some of the best tips to apply when writing effective email subject lines for sales. They are listed in no particular order.

1: Use Self Interest

Self-interest in a subject line is one of the most common email subject lines for sales. This is the kind of line that tells people exactly what to expect. It would look something like, “Big 50 Percent Off Sale, ACT NOW!” These should be tailored to your specific line of business, but they can be overdone quickly.

There are a few major corporations that routinely send mass self-interest emails for their sales a few times per day. It becomes annoying, and it is likely to make someone unsubscribe if you are not careful with how you use it. When this method is used responsibly, it is still one of the best methods for sales.

2: Short and Sweet

Email subject lines for sales should be kept to concise and catchy. This is no doubt a difficult task, but it isn’t impossible. A growing number of people check their emails on their phones instead of on a computer or tablet. This makes it more important to use an effective but short subject. If the subject is too long, then it will be cut off, and it is less likely that the recipient will want to read it.

3: Just Be Real

Robots are cool but not when it comes to solicitations. People are more likely to open emails that seem genuine and sent from a real person. That’s why having someone who handles email subject lines for sales should never use a “no reply” email address.

This looks like spam, and it is more likely to be added to spam. Making things a little more personal not only extends a tone of friendliness, but it also looks better. It is customer service and email marketing tied into one, and that is exactly what you want.

4: Be Annoying…but Not Too Much

A popular method is to simply be annoying. It works. There are countless email subject lines for sales that have some variation of warning the recipient not to open the email. This works better if the subscriber has been subscribed for a while and if you are using a real name and reputable business email to get in touch. Still, this wouldn’t work as well for a lesser known sender, and it has higher chances to backfire.

email subject lines for sales

5: Use Personalization

Personalizing email subject lines for sales with a name and a token of acknowledgment, such as happy birthday or happy anniversary, is an effective way to get the email read. Everyone from non-profits to marketing teams is using this technique.

6: Emphasize Urgency

Urgency or scarce goods are excellent ways to get people to read the email. Moreover, it increases the chances of receiving more order. Potential or actual clients are more likely to make a purchase when you use this email strategy.

As far as effective email subject lines for sales go, this is one of the best lines to use. Calling attention to a flash sale, low-stock items and otherwise urgent matters excites people and gets them to read the email.

7: Provide Information

You don’t want to send email subject lines for sales all the time. There needs to be a balance between what you are offering to your email-list subscribers and the marketing aspect. Your email can be about sales, but it should contain more information that is valuable to the recipient.

You could send fun facts about a product. It could be a valuable how-to guide. It could be talking about personal experiences with whatever is being sold. Informative email subject lines for sales can be just as effective as the urgent and personalized ones.

8: Follow-Up Leads

If someone has visited your website recently, put items in a cart, but then left, you can use follow-ups in a subject line to get them interested again. This is a clever technique that most businesses are using. The waiting period is typically 12 to 24 hours after the visitor has left the website.

The subject line will look something like, “Are you still interested in this GREAT 50 percent off sale?” It serves as a reminder because the visitor is likely to have been distracted.

9: A Numbered List

People love lists. Look at this article as an example. Lists are easy to read and useful. Use a subject line that provides a list of the top products for a specific category or something similar. This method works well for targeted sales.

10: Timing Is Everything

Effective subject lines only work if they are timed properly. Make sure your timing is aligned with the email content for the best results. If you are emailing about a holiday, prepare the recipient with email subjects weeks ahead. In the days and hours before the holiday, make the email subjects more customized and specific. It’s easy, and it is effective marketing.

Summing It Up

Email subjects are always challenging to craft when it comes to sales. You don’t want to be forceful with your customers or potential customers, but you want to be creative and inspire them to make a purchase. More companies are utilizing emoji symbols in emails as well.

That is an option you may want to consider once you’ve mastered other forms of effective email lines. At the end of the day, the best subject line is one that is honest and accurate. People like to know what to expect. If your email lines do not provide that, you will lose subscribers quickly.

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